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  • Humanitarian Day

    World Humanitarian Day

    World Humanitarian Day is August 19th. Meet Roberto Clemente, a baseball player whose impact went well beyond the field. Read about him, get video and audio clips, lesson plans and more in this virtual exhibit from the Smithsonian.

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  • Folklife Festival

    Folklife Festival 2014

    You and your students can experience the excitement of the Folklife Festival. Learn calligraphy, make a paper lantern, meet experts of Chinese culture and more!

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  • Sharing Cultures

    Sharing Culture

    Discover what happens when students in China and the United States pair up to find out about each others' culture through food and the traditions surrounding their cuisines.

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Taste of Culture Literature Circles Current Events Project Bio Blitz Project

Taste of Culture

Literature Circles

Current World Events

Nat Geo Bio Blitz

Let students explore foods of the world and share their culture in this McGraw-Hill Education project. Students work together to discuss and share what they learned about a book they are all reading. Students work together to create a news article for our News Now Learning Center. Students become citizen scientists and document animals in local areas then share it with their ePals.
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Smithsonian McGraw-Hill National Geographic Education BIE

Smithsonian Institution

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Discover lesson plans that use primary resources and museum collections. Sample their lesson plans, textbooks and online learning programs. Take a look at their activities and projects for all grade levels. Get rubrics, handouts and planning forms for managing PBL projects.