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  • Junior Folklorist Challenge

    Junior Folklorist Challenge

    Your students could become Junior Folklorists. They will discover a tradition in their community and share it with the world for a chance to win cool prizes!

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  • DNA Day

    Celebrate DNA Day

    Teachers, take your students on a tour to discover the secrets of genetics with: Genome: Unlocking Life's Code. Explore the virtual exhibit and watch the video, The Animated Genome.

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  • Onilo Boardstory Contest

    ePals und Onilo veranstalten einen Wettbewerb für deutschsprachige Schulklassen. Seien Sie kreativ und gewinnen Sie tolle Preise!

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Taste of Culture

Literature Circles

Current World Events

Nat Geo Bio Blitz

Let students explore foods of the world and share their culture in this McGraw-Hill Education project. Students work together to discuss and share what they learned about a book they are all reading. Students work together to create a news article for our News Now Learning Center. Students become citizen scientists and document animals in local areas then share it with their ePals.
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Smithsonian Institution

McGraw-Hill Education

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Discover lesson plans that use primary resources and museum collections. Sample their lesson plans, textbooks and online learning programs. Take a look at their activities and projects for all grade levels. Get rubrics, handouts and planning forms for managing PBL projects.