Our Special Musical Wish from Massachusetts!

Let’s all shine in harmony as we share songs that help us celebrate our various cultures all around the world through song.  Seven Hills Show Choir wants to reach out and send a special holiday wish through this popular children’s song from the United States entitled, “Light the Candles” (“Light The Candles All Around The World” by Teresa Jennings (ASCAP) © 1996 Plank Road Publishing, Inc. • All Rights Reserved • Used by permission

Our message is that no matter what you celebrate, it is important to appreciate all cultures during this holiday season and to spread the message of love and peace throughout our world.

We're adding this song to, what we hope develops in to a long chain of music wishes posted on ePals from all around the world.   Let’s keep it going all year round because there is always a special celebration somewhere to share. Have a great year of celebrations and enjoy!