Books, a Thing of the Past?, Egypt

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Books, a Thing of the Past?, Egypt

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  • Antonio: At last I found a teacher who shows interest in such an important issue. Although I'm a believer in modern technology, I'm a strong believer of reading and books. I think we should plant the love of reading in children from an early age. Children with their wide range of imagination are our only tool to let reading be immortal and everlasting.

  • Hi Mrs. Suher, I'm glade to hear about this subject because I'm sensitive about books. I fond of reading and having books. Books give us more than life, ideas and fun. I'll be glad if I hear from you. yours Yahia

  • I am a teacher from Brazil and I myself have been wondering how I can make my students interested in reading. I guess it's a hard task and I would like us teachers to come up with more thoughts and considerations about this topic. Antonio

  • Hi Although I excepected the discussion on this topic will arouse a lot of opinions as the problem of neglecting the book and considering it a thing of the past because most people can find any information needed in any branch of knowledge on the internet. What about the role of reading. What is the role of the book after that?

  • Dear Melissa: First of all thank you very much for your feedback on the topic I aroused yet I'm upset because of the pessimistic tone in your comment. Some adult students may like other ways in getting the information but I met a mother who tried to urge her kid to read by reading to her from a book, although she has the same book on a cd so I insist on the same idea that the book will never be a thing of the past. My greetings and bye.

  • You know, I can feel your pain in what your students are saying. With the world of video games, kids don't want to pick up a book. I pass out Scholastic's book flyers regularly and I have those one or two students who get books and the rest would rather spend their money on junk food at the local store on the corner. I try to find books that will be interesting to the kids to read in class but I am having such a hard time continuing it at home. I've set up reward programs and all sorts of discussion groups but nothing. I don't want kids to feel books are a thing of the past but I feel like I'm swimming up the video game tide. These are just some of my many thoughts on the matter. Melissa

  • My students study aviation, space, robotics, and computers, but they also love to read. I try to mix classics like Shakespeare with science-fiction and dystopian literature (like 1984 and Animal Farm) to keep their interest up. I agree with you that books are immortal; however, I do think that e-books may be the wave of the future. Many of the books I teach are available online and a lot of my students read them off of their computers.

  • Dear teachers everywhere: I'm Mrs. Soher Elrayes from Egypt and I'm teaching the secondary stage. My students like modern technology and I.T. They want to foresake books as they said it's a thing of the past but I think that books are immortal and indispensable. Really, I want your comment on this view. Take care, bye.

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