Snail Mail Pen Pals Wanted, Mexico

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Snail Mail Pen Pals Wanted, Mexico

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  • Hi,


    I'm teaching children from 10 to 12 years old in Mexico city. They're looking for some penpals in order to improve their English.


    Please, if you're still interested, contact me

    Thank you!



  • I would be very interesting in offering this to my students as an extra credit assignment. Would that work for you? I teach 6th grade in Denver, Colorado.

  • Hi! I have a 2nd grade class in Indian Trail, North Carolina and I am looking for an elementary age class to send mail to just as you requested. We would be willing to share about our state and would be intrested in learning about your culture in Mexico. I know that you suggested a 5th/6th grade class so just let me know your thoughts. Thanks! Meredith Sizemore

  • Good afternoon: My name is Catalina Bohorquez. I am a Spanish teacher in Florida, United States. I was reading your profile and I am interested in talking to you about exchanging letter with your students. My students are in 7th and 8th grade. Their first language is English but they are learning Spanish. They are primarily interested in learning about the differences in the culture. Ex: holiday celebrations, food, music, typical day routine, etc. As an exchange, my students will share about their own culture and relevant topics. Please let me know your opinions. Sincerely, Catalina Bohorquez

  • Hello! My name is Paula Willson and this summer I am working as a camp counsellor for a summer camp in Winchester, New Hampshire. During the regular school year, I work as a Special Education teacher/aide in the Middle School here in Winchester, New Hampshire. One of our themes for the summer camp is friendship and I am looking for penpals for the kids, boys and girls ages 7-12. I would like the kids to write to them via regular mail since at the summer day camp we will not have the use of a computer. If you would like my director's name and email addresses to confirm my reliability I can easily email you that also. If you could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for your time~ Sincerely, Paula My email address is

  • Hi Manuel, Would you like snail mail pen pals that speak English? How many? Jackie

  • Good afternoon! My classes of English speakers are currently learning to speak Spanish. They would love the chance to correspond with your students. My students are ages 11 - 14 years. Please respond soon! Joanne Bohac Spanish teacher My email is

  • Hello Manuel, My name is Charles Rolston, and I have the same need. I teach English as a Second Language in South Korea. I have a lot of students in first year middle school who would like to contact people from other countries too. In fact, I have around 60 letters of introduction sitting in my desk right now. If you would like some of them, please e-mail me at Thanks, Charles

  • Manuel, Do you still need participants to write to your students? I have 18 students who would love to correspond with your class. They are 5th grade students and are mostly between the ages of 10-12. They are all English speaking, although many of them speak a second language at home (unfortunately, not Spanish)! Please let me know if you would like us to exchange snailmail with you.

  • Yes. I am a teacher of English in Denmark, and I would like to send you letters with my class. By the way I once was in Mexico myself so I know your country a little bit. Send your address and we will get started. Bente Friis Jørgensen

  • Hola! I have a class of students in a family literacy program who are mostly Mexico natives, but are not living in the US. Most are fluent in Spanish and English, but need to brush up on their writing skills in both languages. My group has inconsistent attendance (it is a voluntary evening program), therefore a group letter would be more appropriate. I know this is not the exact ePAL group your class is interested in, but I am hoping you will still want to correspond. Thanks! Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Hello My name is Manuel Montes and I work for an international school in Monterrey, Mexico. I want to contact teachers of 5th or 6th grade kids who would like to exchange real mail with my students. A teacher friend is already doing it with a class in Thailand and the kids love to receive an actual letter and pictures and souvenirs from their friends on the other side of our planet. Besides, we are promoting good penmanship, writing process, and a sense of "humanity" by doing all this snail mail. The process would be sending all the letters for the class in an envelope to the school address and we would send one back to you too. I hope to find enthusiastic people willing to start this. My email is

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