My name Kymberlee R. I am from NC, USA.  I have brown hair and blue eyes. My favorite color is purple. In my free time I like to ride my green  4 wheeler and go over hills. My most favorite people are my grandparents, family, and my friends. My favorite pet is my dog. My most favorite food is all different kinds of deer meat and ice cream. My favorite place is KOBE’s.  On Sundays after church I go with my family and ride the 4 wheelers to go check the traps. My favorite vacation was going to Florida for one  week. The reason I liked that vacation a lot is because I got to miss school. My favorite sport is football and cheerleading. My favorite teams are ECU and NC STATE. By the way I have three brothers and one sister. I love me some money. This self portrait was made in my Technology Elective.