The Writing Center

The Writing Center

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  • Glad You're Here! 

    This center is currently closed while we add new content to our site.  Ask your parents or teacher if you can join with other students in activities such as sharing book reviews, contests and communicating with authors at CricketMagKids

  • Story Contest

    A character climbs down to the underside of a glacier—and can't believe what he or she finds there. What happens next?. Share your story with Muse magazine for a chance to be published.

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  • Poets' Day

    Celebrate Poets' Day on August 21st by sharing your poetry and reading other kids poems in The Slam from Cicada Magazine. Check out this online poetry slam!

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Best Pet...or Not!

What animal have you always wanted to have as a pet?


Welcome To My Town

Tell the world what is special about your town.