Think About a Problem in Your School (Or One in Your ePals Friend's School) and Come Up With an Invention to Solve It. 

Do your clothes get full of chalk after writing on the board? Are you always forgetting your locker code? Losing your pens and pencils? Think about the problems you face during your school day and what could be invented to help solve it.


Check Out This Example:

Think It:  My friends and I love to swing, but the swing sets at my school are inadequate. We swing every recess, but we always have dirty or injured hands from the chains pinching our fingers.

Explore It:  How could we protect our hands from the swing chains?  Could some kind of hand protection be invented?  Let’s make a protective covering that sits on top of the chains and provides a handle to hold onto. We just need to make sure it doesn’t slip down.

Sketch It:  Let’s sketch a swing and show how the material (maybe felt?) could on the chains and where we would make handles out of cardboard so we could hold on when swinging.

Sell It:  The Chain-o-rama let’s you swing on the playground without getting your hands dirty or cut up. Everyone will want this for their playground to make swinging more fun!


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