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  • How Things Fly

    Glad You're Here!

    This center is currently closed while we add new content to our site.  Ask your parents or teacher if you can join with other students in activities such as sharing book reviews, contests and communicating with authors at CricketMagKids.  

  • Bao Bao Birthday

    Happy Birthday Bao Bao!

    Bao Bao, the baby panda at Smithsonian's National Zoo is turning one! Celebrate her big day with this video looking back at her first year.

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  • Nat Geo Photo Contest

    International Photo Contest

    Our friends at National Geographic Kids are holding a photography contest and you could win! Share your best photos from one of four categories and you could be chosen as a winner.

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Hot Weather

Hot Weather

How hot does it have to be to fry an egg on the road? Find out about this experiment.

Citizen Science Program

Citizen Science Program

Read the blogs from high school students as they explore the Anacostia Watershed.