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  • Sharing Cultures

    Exciting news!

    We’re moving to an enhanced global community. Teachers will move in August and parents and students will join the fun later. Current email accounts will be closed to make room for our new improved messaging.
    Pack your digital suitcase!
    If there are activities, emails, resources and/or work you’d like to keep, you have until July 15th to download these items.


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  • DNA Day

    Celebrate DNA Day

    Discover the secrets of genetics with: Genome: Unlocking Life's Code. Explore the virtual exhibit and watch the video, The Animated Genome.

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  • Sharing Cultures

    Sharing Cultures

    Discover what happens when students in China and the United States pair up to find out about each others' culture through food and the traditions surrounding their cuisines.

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Teacher Spotlight

Teacher Spotlight

Meet Jeanine Carter and learn about her experience with the Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge.

Class of the Month

Class of the Month

Meet Ms. Shestukhina's Classes from Siberia, Russia.

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A Collaboration Story: Turkey and Michigan

http://images.epals.com/turkeycs132.jpg http://epals.s3.amazonaws.com/CollaborationVideos/classRoom-turkeyMichF.mp4

Students from classes in Michigan and Turkey share what they learned from their ePals collaboration.

A Collaboration Story: Mexico and Michigan

http://images.epals.com/mexicocs132.jpg http://epals.s3.amazonaws.com/CollaborationVideos/classRoom-mexMichF.mp4

Watch how a class in a small town in Michigan connected with a class in Mexico to learn about each others' lives.

ePals in Action: Notre Dame Academy

http://images.epals.com/notredame132.jpg http://epals.s3.amazonaws.com/CollaborationVideos/ePals_NotreDameAcademy.m4v

The Notre Dame Academy shares their experience using the Smithsonian on ePals content.

ePals in Action: Sunset Elementary

http://images.epals.com/indiacs132.jpg http://epals.s3.amazonaws.com/CollaborationVideos/ePals_SunsetElementary.m4v

ePals educator Cheryl Arnett and her students share their ePals projects and why they have been so beneficial.