Global Citizens

Global Citizens

Global Citizens

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  • Humanitarian Day

    Glad You're Here! 

    This center is currently closed while we add new content to our site.  Ask your parents or teacher if you can join with other students in activities such as sharing book reviews, contests and communicating with authors at CricketMagKids.

  • Sharing Cultures

    Family Meal Month

    August is Family Meal Month! Discover the food cultures of China and the United States. Be sure to check out the food diaries that show how meals are shared with families in both countries.

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  • Photo of the Week

    Every week we're highlighting an outstanding photo from the community. This week's photo is from Lily S.! It's the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas, USA. What do you think about this photo?

    Upload your photo and you could be featured next!

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Junior Folklorist

Junior Folklorist Winners

Aritro wins the ePals Choice Award for the Folklorist Challenge. See his video and more!


Last Week's Photo

Last week's photo came from St. James's Park in the United Kingdom. Will you be featured next?