We Are ePals

We Are ePals 

We Are ePals

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  • Sharing Culture

    Sharing Culture

    Discover what happens when students in China and the United States pair up to find out about each others' culture through food and the traditions surrounding their cuisines.

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  • Folklife Festival

    Experience the Folklife Festival

    Discover the excitement of the Folklife Festival. Learn calligraphy, make a paper lantern, meet experts of Chinese culture and more!

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  • Spotlight Germany

    Travel to Germany

    Take a virtual trip to the 2014 FIFA World Cup champions home, Germany! Explore the culture, art and sites of this historic country.

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Aritro Wins

Aritro Wins

See his winning video and more from the Junior Folklorist Challenge.

Sandwich Recipe

Try a Recipe

Try out this sandwich recipe from Provence in southeastern France. Yum!